Source: Nelson L., Lisbon, N.D.

Why should you book an adventure on your next holidays?

Well, why not having a different local experience on your next holidays maybe a sports adventure, you can book individual or group experiences, with family or friends, that fits within your own adrenaline barometer. There are offers that fit all bills in all kinds of sports and surely there is the right one for you as well.

Source: Nelson L., Lisbon, N.D.
Source: Nelson L., Lisbon, N.D.

In one of the most unexplored countries to visit in Europe, Portugal, you would be able to find some really exciting experiences t
hat will make your wildest dreams come true.

If you are a solo traveler and flying has always been a dream of yours, imagine paragliding above the coastline that merges with the Atlantic Ocean. At Portugal Paragliding you can easily reserve a tandem flight with prices starting at 50€ pp. If you are traveling with a group of friends during a celebration, maybe a rafting experience close to Oporto would give everyone an excellent story to tell later. Some service providers such as Oporto Adventure Tours offer a full day plan where you just need to show up and enjoy.

So, why miss these opportunities on your next holidays. If you are visiting Lisbon why not having a surf experience. Or maybe you are going to the Azores, surely this would be a great opportunity to swim with Dolphins and see whales. This and many epic adventures are available for you everywhere you go.

The adventure is not the only delight. While relishing these activities, you can also get closer to local communities. Probably you will meet some residents who might not only help you to stand on the surfboard but also give insights about all the hidden gems of the places you are visiting. Certainly you will meet other travelers and share an unique moment with someone from a different place.

Nowadays all this adventures are extremely easy to arrange, even if you aren’t dealing with a Tour Operator. There are several websites that offer these services, and in most cases you don’t need to have technical equipment for the activities because everything tends to be included. Even if you are an amateur on this kind of adventures, “how to walk” offers are available through almost all of the adventure packages. You don’t need to be a Pro Mountain Biker rider to have a great experience doing some downhill.

So, the next time that you are planning your holidays arrange as well for an adventure to be part of it. You will not regret and it will certainly make your holidays unforgettable.

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