Adventure sports in Portugal


Portugal is a little hidden gem in Europe. The beauty of its nature and the variety of fauna and flora that the country enfolds, presents a pleasant and unique experience for any traveler. More about Portugal

Portuguese people have a very outdoorsy lifestyle, any chance of enjoying a sunny afternoon doing sports or stroll through the cost line is a must for our gentes. Did you know that the biggest Surfable wave in the world is in Nazaré, Portugal or that Portuguese is spoken in 5 continents?

Check out some more interesting facts about Portugal.

Why Portugal for your adventure travelling?

A quick Google search on “Portuguese Beaches”, “Trekking in Portugal” will certainly trigger a gigantic desire of flying over and experiment one of the oldest country’s lifestyle.


There are companies offering bundles of adventure activities, other service providers perform single activities that have to be booked in person.

As a passionate for the natural beauty that Portugal has to offer. There are a few activities that could be tinted to inspire one stepping outside of the comfort zone and embark on a sunny journey.

Surfing in Portugal, Hiking and trekking in an uneven country, sailing in the Algarve, Golf in Portugal, coasteering in Portugal, cannoning, rafting, an infinite range of choice that are accessible to you.

Such richness and variety allows you to discover the country´s nature. From the array of activities available that is possible to take pleasure in while traveling in Portugal, let me tell you that in Evora, Skydiving can be done daily, where the views of Alentejo and the weather conditions are optimal for this activity.

Tandem skydive jump is a great experience. Whether for the first time or an experienced skydiver, tandem is always an optimal solution for a moment of leisure.

Evora’s Skydiving is an unforgettable experience which can be personally recommended.


Tandem skydive at 3000 metres € 115
Tandem skydive at 4200 metres € 149
Tandem skydive at 5000 metres € 175

evora-sky-divingJump into this adventure where the only you need is an amount of courage and bravery. Dust your sunglasses, wipe you summer shorts grab your flip-flops and plan your journey for an unforgettable experience in the most western country in Europe.

Want to help us to create rich, informative and tailored content, list your 3 favourite water sports that you would like to take on while on holidays.

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