Best waves in Europe – Surfing in Peniche

In Portugal it’s called the Capital of Waves and many will tell you that in here you can find the “European Pipeline”. It’s a small peninsula blessed with the Atlantic Ocean Breeze, with plenty of Surf Spots for all levels. Whether you are into surf or you just want to try it, Peniche in Portugal is the top destination.

Getting here is easy, the closest International Airport is Lisbon. Plenty of budget airlines from all over Europe and it takes you an hour to get to Peniche by car from the Airport. Even one day round trip is enough to there and surely you will have plenty of time for some of the best waves in Europe.

With waves that fit all levels, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert to enjoy it. Most surf spots are easily accessible sandy beach breaks, that even a beginner will feel comfortable with, the most popular one’s are Cantinho da Baia, Molhe Leste and Supertubos.

If you are new to surf or maybe you aren’t able to bring your gear, a local surf school would be of great help here you can rent the equipment at affordable prices. In most cases, you can book individual and group lessons as well and if you would like to have an exclusive experience it will also be available.

One of the places that we can recommend is Naturexperience, located in the heart of Peniche is easy to access and it’s a perfect place for beginners. With a shallow beach break and plenty of waves for everyone, the Cantínho da Baía Beach will be a delight for you.

Naturexperience is highly regarded in rating sites such as TripAdvisor . You can be certain that you will have an amazing experience, all the instructors are professionally certified and experienced in water sports. Counting with no more than 5 surfers per instructor, you can be assured of a personalized push for you to improve your skills.

In case you want to book an experience for the kids, there are also age limited groups that will let the young ones have their own fun in a safe environment.

Don’t wait any longer, immerse yourself in the Surf Capital and catch some waves and unforgettable moments .

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