Berlenga island day Hiking trip from Lisbon.

Berlenga island Portugal is UNESCO patrimony and a natural reserve, the island is located only 7 miles away from Peniche’s Harbor. Berlenga counts with 1500 meters length and 800 meters of width respectively.

puffin bird berlenga
Puffin Bird

There are a huge amount of species that find Berlenga as the perfect place to nidify, also the island is a stopping point on many transcontinental bird migrations. It will be possible to find endangered species as well as a strong presence of seagulls. Puffin is a bird similar to a small penguin that is the symbol of the Nature Reserve.

From Lisbon you can take a bus that goes straight to Peniche, it takes 1h30m and it costs 9€ each way. The buses are confortable and most likely you will have Wifi on board.  You can go early in the morning and come back on the afternoon. Check out tickets on Rede Nacional de Expressos

Once you arrive, you will need to take a boat from Peniche harbor to Berlenga. We would advise to take some cash with you to make it easy to buy the tickets. Prices may vary between 18 to 24 Euros and it is roughly 45 on the boat to Berlenga

From our experience of hiking and camping in the island, we have created a bundle of advises that we consider the most relevant to help you enjoying the hiking trip in the Island.Camping on Berlengas-XL

Strong gradient

The island  has a strong gradient. For that reason hiking poles will certainly be a great help to climb up and to descent, we strongly recommend to take breathable hiking shoes. At some stages, hiking can be dangerous due to the altitude and proximity to the rugged cliffs and for that reason we suggest frequent short breaks to rest and hydrate.


While traveling in Portugal especially in the summer the temperatures can reach over 40º degrees. It is extremely important to avoid dehydration; the resources are very limited in the island, consequently we would strongly advise that water and food supplies are taken from mainland to avoid a heat stroke. Alongside with water, sunscreen is a must.

Table salt

If you are planning to stay more than one day and you are camping in the island, it is important that you bring salt with you.

The climate and the island conditions are optimal for ants. Salt camping-berlengaswill repel the ants away from your tent, allowing you to have a smooth night sleep.

As you can see in the picture on your left, a line of salt is draw around the green tent to create a protection wall against those little but also sometimes annoying animals.


Pay close attention to the seagulls around you. They are inoffensive, but a seagull is an animal that produces a huge amount of fecal matter. Consequently we advise you to bring a hat to protect you against unwelcome discharges from the skies.

As important as all that have been written above, we would advise to bring with you from mainland everything you may need to do other activities due to the fact that resources in the island are scarce.

Predominantly in water you will be able to do diving and snorkeling, also exploring caves with a boat is very common in the island. In land, you will certainly be able to find people doing geocaching or simply to sunbathing in the gold sanded beach while playing football.

You will just need to leave your comfort zone and embrace the unknown, the greatest adventures is what lies ahead.

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