Navigating Arrábida Beaches – Under the Radar Experiences

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open”. Jawaharlal Nehru – Tweet That

 Have you ever wanted an unique experience on your next trip? It might be waiting for you in Portugal, a country made great due to world navigation, where the sand meets the ocean.

Why not explore our rich coast where you can find beautiful beaches and amazing scenarios that don’t fall short of a paradise. Well, there is a pretty interesting way to do this.

Have you tried Stand Up Paddle?

All you have to do is balance yourself in a Paddle Board and take on an adventure through beaches and cliffs of immense beauty. There is no actual need to be a sailor or have a boat to join us.

A Paddle Board is a bigger version of a surfboard that you stand up and navigate easily with a paddle. There are different sizes depending on the user and there are boards designed for more than one person. This is an extremely maneuverable board that allows you to go to places other way  impossible.

In Parque Natural da Arrábida for example you have a natural reserve with amazing opportunities for such an adventure and because the access to some of these beaches is extremely limited and difficult by foot, a Paddle Board is then a great way to visit them.

Although you have plenty of places that allow you to rent the equipment, for less experienced people we would advise to take a guided tour to fully enjoy this adventure. You will have a trained instructor to lead you through the best routes and to ensure your safety through the whole tour.

In one of the places we recommend, Escola Rui Meira,  you have plenty of different tours available to choose from, depending on the forecast and your preferences. They guide groups up to 15 people, you get all the equipment included and a support boat if further help is needed.

Being around since the 80’s one thing is certain, they know what they are doing. All the tours are result of a continuous improvement and local knowledge for over 30 years of acquired skills, making this an amazing experience to have.

Experience Highlights 

On it’s own this is already a great adventure, but when you take friends or family and add the amazing landscapes and beaches makes it much better.

 The best parts are, navigating  long distances with a light breeze pushing you trough the waves, visiting beaches that other way would be impossible or simply be with your friends  in a different environment.

What to take with you

There are some basic things that we would advise you to take. Sunscreen and sunglasses  are highly advised, a wide bream hat could give you extra protection from the sun. Aqua shoes would provide you extra grip on the board and some protection while walking on the shore and if you don’t want to use the wetsuits then take board shorts and a lycra. Lastly, a waterproof action camera to capture the best moments.

Don’t think though that this is the only highlight in Arrábida. It is also highly recommended to take a short hike to the top of the park where you are able to observe all the places you have visited, contemplating amazing views over the ocean and truly connect with nature.

Because Arrábida is located in a traditional fishing area, you will definitely enjoy an amazing charcoal grilled fish meal by visiting one of the local restaurants. One of the most popular local dishes is grilled calamari, that you can find in plenty of places,  Novo 10 could be one of the restaurants  to visit for this delicious dish.

So next time you are in Portugal pay a visit to Arrábida, you will love it and it will definitely be worth the trip.

For SUP bookings please contact:

Escola Rui Meira


+351 969 186 859

+351 212 684 527

Need any further help? Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you on your next adventure to Portugal.

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