Lisbon Surf Spots and schools.

Do you want to make your next trip to Lisbon a little more exciting? Surf it!

You could find great quality surf year round and it will be an amazing experience to have. Being an experienced surfer or a beginner, there are schools and tour guides that can help you. You may or may not have gear with you, for €20.00 you can rent the complete equipment.

Just go for it, you will love it and it will be one less thing on your bucket list.


Below are some of the best beaches to visit and enjoy some surf lessons.

Costa Caparica

This is one of the most popular beaches to surf, not only in Lisbon but in Portugal. Located on the south bank of the Tejo river, it’s the longest beach in the country and there are plenty of waves for everyone at all levels of surf.

You will find several Surf Schools, however, the beaches closer to the hotels tend to be quite crowded. If you want to distance yourself a little from all of it, a short walk will give you more space.

Costa da Caparica Author: Therese CSurf School Gota D’Água – Map

Price €20.00 – €30.00

Includes Equipment and Insurance

Equipment Rental only – 1/2 day €20.00

Distance from Airport: 24 min Drive; 1h 30min Public Transports


Carcavelos beach is one of the easiest beaches to get to from Lisbon and one of the first places to see Surf in Portugal back in the days. Carcavelos is a more crowded beach due to its central location.

Carcavelos is a more crowded beach due to its central location. The waves suit different levels of surfers and it’s an easy to access beach break. Apart from the great surf, there is also a fortress that provides great views of the ocean.

Surf School Carcavelos Surf School – MapCarcavelos Beach Source: Ceiling

Price €25.00

Duration 2H

Includes equipment and Insurance

Equipment Rental only – 1/2 day €20.00

Distance from Airport: 30 min Drive; 1h  Public Transports


The Guincho beach isn’t as easy to get to via public transportation, a car would help you. Normally, it offers great surf conditions year round, the quality of waves tend to be more consistent than some other beaches making it more likely for you to get a great experience.

The Wind is the downside. The beach doesn’t have many cliffs and it’s wide opened to the Atlantic, making it a more exposed to the weather from the ocean.

During the summer weekends it can have elevated traffic making the journey a little longer so try to be early and leave early.

Surf School Moana Surf School – MapGuincho Source : José Carlos Cortizo Pérez

Price; €25.00

Includes Equipment and Insurance

Distance from Airport: 35 Min Drive; 1h 52min Public Transports, Available pick up from Lisbon City Centre, Lisbon Airport and Cascais at a charge.


Palácio da Pena. Source: Angel TorresSintra

Sintra has actually a few different surf spots separated from each other. Many surf schools, although based on a specific beach, have a transportation service to take you to the best surf spot of the day.

The two most popular beaches are Praia das Maçãs and Praia Grande and the waves can be amazing to surf. These beaches are even harder to get to, we would strongly advise getting there by car with navigation.

Although you will find world-class surf here, there are several other beauties to visit, such as natural parks, palaces and historic estates. We would advise spending around 3 – 4 days to have time to visit everything. Sintra also provides you other adventures such as rock climbing.

If you have spare time, it’s worth to visit Cabo de Roca, the westernmost extent of Portugal and Europe continental.

Surf School Surf at Surf School  – Map

Praia Grande. Source: Adrião
Price – €16.00 Per Lesson + One off Fee €10.00 for yearly registration

Duration 1h 30min
Includes Equipment and Insurance

Equipment Rental only – 1/2 Day €20.00

Distance from Airport: 44 Min Drive; 2h 50min Public Transports


Ericeira, similarly to Sintra is an area with several beaches with great surf conditions. It’s a little distant from Lisbon and it’s easier to get there by car, it will also help you to get to some surf spots, there are long roads down the cliffs to get to the beach although it’ is easy to get there.

Despite off the driving challenge, it would be one of the top destinations for Portuguese waves and it has world-class surf conditions.  It was considered as a Natural Surf Reserve by the Save the Waves Coalition. Be aware of some localism in water, respect the space of local surfers and surely everyone will enjoy the waves.

Similarly to Sintra, Surf would be just one part of your adventure in Ericeira, in the surrounding area you will also find the Hunting Grounds created for a Portuguese King – Tapada de Mafra, the Convent of Mafra, that has inspired Jose Saramago the Nobel Prize Winner over its amazing views to the ocean.

Surf School Tiago Pires Surf School – MapEriceira Source:Towiki60

Price – €30.00

Duration 2h

Includes equipment and Insurance. Equipment Rental only – 1/2 day €25.00 – €50.00 Different board options

Distance from Airport: 45 Min Drive; 2h 30 min Public Transports



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