Your next adventure in Portugal

This might be the closest experience that you will ever have to fly and it will definitely be exciting, maybe a little daunting. The whole experience lasts less than 10 minutes, however, it will be an unforgettable moment.

What we want to you to do is Skydiving, definitely not for the faint-hearted, however, if you are brave enough to take that little jump out of the aeroplane you will enjoy it.

While skydiving you reach an approximate speed of 50 m/s – around 200 km/h. So, before you get on the motorway to do some tests, which we strongly don’t recommend, this is what 200 km/h look like. Usain Bolt has achieved 44 km/h on the Olympics, a cheetah can get to 120 km/h and a high-speed train would be around 200/300 km/h.


So there is definitely potential for you to fulfil all your desires for speed in a skydive jump.

The jump can vary in height, with a 3.000m jump, you normally get to experience 25s of free fall, at 4.200m 50s and at 5.000m 65s. After this, the parachute does its job and you get around 5/7 minutes to enjoy the views until you reach the ground. Just for perspective, a commercial flight can have an altitude of up to 12.000m.

In Portugal, there are several places where you can have this amazing experience, one of the closest schools from Lisbon is Skydive Portugal, located in the city of Evora, at around 130km distance. They are the biggest skydive school in the country making thousands of jumps every year, with daily flights available for booking.

At Skydive Portugal there is always a qualified instructor to ensure your safety during all the experience, all the jumps are extremely well prepared to make your adventure as enjoyable as possible.

When arriving at the aerodrome you just need to fill a small registration form, attend a short safety briefing and get equipped for the jump.

After getting on the plane, a 15 minutes flight will get you to the jumping point. You will be above the clouds with breathtaking views over Alentejo and the city of Evora. Most people feel overwhelmed by a Tandem flight and after this, you will no longer fight for the window seat in the aeroplane again.

If you want to have a way to remember this experience, there is available a media service for hire. This allows you to take home the photos and video of your jump.

The prices for individual jumps start a €115.00 and go up to €175.00

For safety reasons, people with health conditions should consult with a doctor before this experience. The experience is limited to people aged 16 or over, under 18’s require parental consent.

Don’t think though that this is the only experience that you can have in Evora, we strongly recommend you to stay more than one afternoon.

The City of Evora

Evora is an amazing city to explore, It roots go back to the Roman times, it’s classified as a World Heritage Site since 1986 by UNESCO, In 2014, National Geographic considered the Alentejo one of the top places to visit and Evora is the district capital.

There are several highlights such as the 14th-century walls that originally protected the city,  Praça do Giraldo, the Roman Temple, and Evora Cathedral.

What cannot be missed are the food and the wine, the region is extremely popular for the great gastronomy, with several local dishes of national reference.

If time allows, there are some extremely interesting wine tours to take like, Cartuxa, Adega Mayor, and Herdade Malhadinha Nova.

Getting there

You can get to Evora driving or by public transports, the intercity train and the coach service takes less than 2 hours from Lisbon, so you could spend one or two days in Evora to fully enjoy it and relax a little.

So on your next visit to Lisbon, take an extra 2 or 3 days to visit Evora, and book your tandem jump with Skydive Portugal here.




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