Top 5 water sports to do in Portugal this summer.

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Amongst the excellent food, the amazing weather and the gold coloured sand, Portugal is known for its amazing and endless coastline. With an impressive diversity of water conditions that allow the more dashing surfers in the word to challenge the 30 meters waves or the peace seekers delight themselves in the waters of the Algarve to calmly sail into a jaw-dropping sunset.

Outline the best bundle of water activities to do in such variety of conditions is a difficult task, but below we wrap up the must-dos for this summer.

1 Surf & Bodyboard

Probably the first thought that pops into your mind when you think about Portugal is surfing.

In this case, the size doesn’t really matter, because apart from being a small country, in all the coastline you find world class conditions for surf and bodyboard. Crucial to mention the famous and pleasurable bodyboard that is widely spread in the Atlantic shore. The angry and sometimes grumpy sea creates the perfect conditions to practice Bodyboard.

Check out these Guys Bodyboard Portugal a pretty cool crew of borders that can provide you personalised learning. If you want to read a bit more about surf here is an amazing article.

2 Kayak in Paiva river

Dexterity, strength and friendship, but above all adrenaline and adventure. While descending the rough waters of Rio Paiva your kayak will be your best friend. Paiva river is for experienced water Lions, with different levels of difficulty Paiva immerses with dangerous rapids and a countless amount of obstacles. 

It takes a deep breath and a huge amount of courage to adventure into those cold waters.

There is also a water festival, Paiva fest 2017 where sea lions gather every year to celebrate nature, kayaks, friendship and the delicious Portuguese beer.

3 Sailing in the Algarve Portugal

In the south of Portugal, the sea is king and water sports are the queen.  Sailing is a normal activity for locals that were born with the fingertips in the water.


Source Sailing classes 

If you have never had a chance of sailing and moor a boat and that is a line in your bucket list. Adventure yourself and enjoy the salty water that will rust your face with the help of a warm and strong sun. Lagos, Faro, Portimao are some of the cities where you can experience yourself into sailing.

4  Kitesurfing in Portugal

Being hooked to a couple of strings that at first instance seem fragile and that at any moment the wind will blow you to the other side of the Atlantic.

Kitesurf requires practice, time and a handful of hours in the water until you can grab few moves and have a grasp of the tremendous feeling of being in charge of your body, equipment and the elements, sea, wind, temperature.

Follow Best KiteBoarding official, these guys are the coolest. Check out this 8 minutes video worth a watch.

Kitesurf in calm water is pleasurable, but kitesurfing amongst big waves and strong Atlantic wind requires a special set of skills. A quick browse and you can find a handful of top schools in Portugal.

5 Discover Scuba Diving in Madeira, Portugal

Discover Scuba diving allows you to see the ocean in a new perspective have a direct contact with a new fauna and flora. Is undoubtedly an experience to have, a must. There are different options one-day trials,  Padi courses, close water or open water experience.

Check out the Azul diving center, they offer much more than simple diving.

Once you are confident with basic concepts of diving in the swimming pool you can take the sea challenge and drawn into the deepth of the Atlantic. Being able to experiment the weightless is an outstanding feeling that will allow you to appreciate the new environment the vibrant colours and the fantastic variety of marine life in that part of the Atlantic and the world.

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