Sailing in Lisbon

“A rough day at sea is better than any day in the office” Tweet

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Why not book sailing experience on your next visit to Lisbon?!

Sailing is a great experience, especially for the people that never tried it before. At the beginning, you are uncertain of what lies ahead and a small sense of fear dominates you until you feel that the boat is safe enough. After this obstacle, you have to learn the safety basics and then… you feel you can go and conquer the world all over again like the great Portuguese explorers of the XV century.295886772_94babef0f9_z

You will feel the wind pushing you forward, breaking through the tide and connecting you with nature in a completely new way.

Do not let yourself feel intimidated with all the ropes and sails, boats have come a long way from the pirate movies that you might have as a reference.


A Sailing Baptism

Even if the closest that you ever been to be a sailor was building paper boats, you can still find several experiences that allow beginners to have an adventure simple enough to master and have fun.

There is no need to worry either with the strong winds or a strong tide, the sailing baptisms are supervised by an instructor that can help you on the boat.

Ultimately as soon as you get used to the fact that by turning the steer left you will turn right and vice versa, you will see that everything else is a piece of cake, or “Canja de Galinha” as it’s said in Portugal.

Normally you will be in the vicinity of the port that you sailed from and make a small incursion into the city centre or to the Atlantic Ocean and the shores of Lisbon beaches.

During the journey, you should be able to sight the south bank, the bridge that resembles with the famous Golden Gate and several unique monuments that commemorate the explorers that ventured into unknown waters. You might actually strike gold and be joined by dolphins, although it is a rare happening, you could be the next lucky one.

So if you are up for such an adventure, you could easily arrange for a sailing baptism with the following groups.

  • West Coast – Based in Oeiras, the sailing baptism takes 2h and €49.00 pp and can be taken in groups of 4 people + 1 Instructor or 7 people + 1 instructor.
  • BYX based in Belém, the experience lasts 3h and €59.90


Chartering a boat

For a more experienced sailor, you can also charter a boat and make an adventure of your own, for this you need to have a valid skipper license. Prices start at €400.00 a day. in Sailo you can find several boats available for charter.

If you have the availability to travel to Cascais, then this could take your experience to a whole new level.Source : Flickr Rui Ornelas

Cascais Bay takes some of the most important world sailing competitions. Its coastline is exposed to the Atlantic so the wind and the tide might be a little stronger than in Tejo River, this should add some adrenaline to the experience.

Depending on your experience, you can also charter a boat for a full weekend adventure and use it to explore a little more the Portuguese coastline, visiting secluded beaches and cliffs not too far from the capital.


Would you like to book an adventure like this? Let us know below and we will be happy to help you arranging it and giving you some tips.


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