Best Sports Adventures in Porto

There is so much to experience in this northern city of Portugal, it is almost an impossible mission to list the top adventures.

Because Porto it’s a city built in a landscape with so many different elements, such as the ocean, the river, and the hills, it has great potential to the practice of outdoor nature sports.


Xtreme Jet Boat River Safari

This is a unique experience for all speed lovers.

Surrounded by the amazing landscapes of Porto, you will be driven in a super fast boat performing amazing stunts.

Duration: 15-25min

Prices: Starting € 25.50 for adults.

Rock Climbing in Porto

With routes that suit different levels, you are guaranteed to have a good time with the right challenge for you. Latitude 41 offers a complete service that includes transportation, guidance, lunch,  insurance and all the gear needed. You will just need to bring comfortable clothing, some snacks (available as extra) water and sunscreen.

Latitude41 would be able to guide you in a great experience.

Prices: Starting from €60.00 for a minimum of 2 participants.


White Water Rafting in Rio Paiva

This is considered the best river in the country for Rafting, so you should definitely expect to have a great time there.  You have WW Rafting that suits all levels so if you are an experienced member, you have available the more challenging routes reaching a grade of VI. The best season for this adventure is from October to April because of the stream.

Although this is not located in Porto, some providers to offer transportation from and to the city or airport, lunch, and insurance are also included.

oPorto Adventure

Duration: Full Day

Price: Starting from € 85.00 per person, minimum 4 people.


Tandem Skydive

This is another great adventure for the adrenaline lovers. The tandem skydive takes place in a smaller airport on the outskirts of the city where you can fully enjoy Porto landscape. You will have between 40 and 50 seconds of free fall and 10 minutes to enjoy the views on your way down. You will feel free as a bird and probably treasure this experience for a long time.

Skydive Maia

Duration: Half a day

Price: € 195.00 per person.

Location: Aérodromo Vilar Luz – Maia


Surf in Matosinhos

It doesn’t matter where you go in Portugal because surf will be there and you should experience it. It is difficult to master it with no doubt, but that is what makes it worth when you get your first wave.

There are plenty of Surfschools with great programs if you are staying for an extended time and if you feel comfortable with it already, you can just rent the gear and get out there on your own.

Surfing Life Club

Price: € 30.00 including insurance


Kayak in the Douro

There are several options for you depending on budget, time and skills.

There is a one-day experience, kayaking through the bridges that connect the city or you can visit the northern villages of the river and view some of the terraces where the vineyards grow or if you are a little more adventurous there are available multi-day experiences that can start on the river spring in Spain and go all the way to the Atlantic Ocean in Porto.

Portugal Kayak

Prices: From € 70.00 per person minimum of 2 people.


Bike Tour in the Douro

Similar to the Kayak experience, there are several options available for you with the difference that tour operators offer a self-guided experience where you take it at your own pace.

For a multi-day tour, we would recommend to team up with a small team. This will make your experience more enjoyable and safer.

With Cycling Rentals you can arrange for your experience of 6 days starting at € 625.00 per person.

Cycling Rentals

The other option you have is to rent a bike and explore on your own the shores of the river. To help you in regards to which way to go you can follow the GR 14, the Wine Route of Europe. You don’t need to go all the way to Strasbourg where it ends, but if you feel motivated there is plenty of wine to taste along the way.


Why not make Porto your next holiday plan, the city has so much to offer that is extremely unlikely for you to get bored and if you do, there is enough wine for you to forget about it.

Let us know if there is anything we can help you with on your next visit to Porto or any other place in Portugal. We want to make sure you have a great time.



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