Trail running in Portugal best events.

trail runningAdventure is what lies ahead.

You are the kind of person that grasps that running is cheaper than therapy this article is for you. There is numerous races year round in the country. This article provides with the list and information about the best and most international trail running events in Portugal in the author’s point of view.

It is a gamble to choose from all the events, taking into consideration the exceptional organisation of many of them. Information provided may vary with time.


 List of trail running events in the country.

Ultra trail Piodao

Location: Piodao, concelho of Arganil. (see map)

Dates: 1 April. 

Distance: 50Km and 25Km

Info: Piódão is a small village with approximately 178 inhabitants. Houses are made of Xisto rock and are part of the historical villages of Portugal. Population in town invest time in cultivating its food and feeding cattle.


Madeira island Utra trail –

Location: Madeia island, Portugal (see map)

Dates: 28 April, 2018

Distance: 115km and 85km. Video promo

Info: Madeira was nominated as Europe’s leading island destination. Known for its wine and beautiful hikes, Madeira will leave you speechless during your visit. There are low-cost operators flying to Madeira from all over Europe, getting there won’t be a problem.


Ultra Trail Serra de São Mamede

Location: Sao Mamede district of Portalegre, Portugal

Dates: 20th May.

Distance: 100km and 60km and 25Km

Info: Race that qualifies to UTMB (Ultra train Mont Blanc). With a big list of compulsory material, this tough race will move your limits. Here you will find a very characteristic Portuguese event, more than a race you will experience a new culture and people. Be ready to delight your stomach with some of the best Portuguese dishes that part of the country is blessed with good food at very accessible prices.


Ultra Trail de Sesimbra – 60km. Beach and mountain.

Location: Sesimbra

Dates: 4th May

Distance: 60km

Info: 60km of a perfect mixture of beach, mountain and sunshine.  Sesimbra resembles a lost paradise city. One of the iconic places to visit in Portugal, you will be able to explore the surroundings. Make sure you ask tips to locals, Google will never reveal the secret unexplored places that are jaw-dropping. As you go further south towards the Algarve coastline there are more golden sanded beaches, warmer waters and less clothing in the peoples’ bodies.


Ultra trilho dos Abutres

Location: Miranda do Corvo

Dates: 28 January

Distance: 50km, 30 km

Info: They describe themselves as an epic trail. It is also possible to find various reviews of this trail. It has amazing landscapes into the deepest Portuguese Nature. In here you can find plenty of media about the event. Definitely worth a look and everything is written in English.


Bellow, you can find a list of most of the events happening in the country throughout the year, so that you can find the perfect event for your timetable.

2017 2018 running in Portugal here.






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