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Cycling in Portugal

Cycling is one of the most popular sports in the country. If you are planning some holidays, why not take a challenge and do some cycling in Portugal. It will be a great way to discover the secret places that the regular touristic routes would never make you.

If you are lucky enough to have a local friend that knows the best places to visit, then our first advice would be for you to stick with him/her, if not, several tour operators will give you a fantastic experience.

We list now the five secrets that are not that secret, for you to enjoy the ride safely.

1. Essentials

While traveling to a place where you may enjoy warm temperatures, it is important to prepare some kit. The sunscreen, a refillable bottle, cream to hydrate your inner legs and,  a camera to capture the best moments and landscapes.

2. Be predictable

Cycling can be risky everywhere in the world. Being a Mediterranean country, we are famous for reckless driving, which somehow is a reflection of our reality even though Portuguese drivers wrongly accept that label.

Ride with caution, wearing visible clothing and be sure your bicycle has lights whether you are doing a day or a night ride. The best way of avoiding road accidents is by preventing them.

3. Chose the right tour provider

While cycling in Portugal you will experience a rich flora and outstanding landscapes, where the picturesque scenery is continuously changing.

There are a handful of companies offering the service of bicycle guided tours. We would strongly rate  Live Love Ride-Portugal bike tours where you can find Leisure trips, daily tours, cycling camps and much more.

One of the best tours is with no question “Bike tour by Douro river – Cycling the Douro valley”. It lasts 7 days and a daily average of 45 to 90 Km, yes, there will be time to get to know and enjoy the area.

The tour will be in one the best wine regions of the world. By the river, you will be able to enjoy the vineyard terraces, a UNESCO world heritage where the famous port wine comes from.

You will be pleased with a Douro and Port wine tasting while discovering the ancient history of Portugal.

Historical villages will delight your imagination as a bridge to the past. As significant as all the views, wine, and food and learning are the bike challenge of climbing to reach the most stunning viewpoints. Check out prices.

4. Travel light

The thought of bringing an extra pair of trousers or two jumpers just in case something happens is a common miscalculation.

Trust us on this one, while on the road you want to ride light to make the journey pleasant so that you can enjoy the view.

If you are overweight, you will put extra effort into your muscles and body that will consequently use your body reserves quicker leading to fatigue.

5. Enjoy the ride-sharing it with someone

Every so often is difficult to share the road with someone else due to different ability levels. Remember that you will be doing adventure tourism, enjoying views and sensations that you haven’t seen and felt before.

Happiness is the only truth when shared, you can talk, sing, take a selfie or even share the lead to cut the wind, but in the end, you will remember the shared moments.

All in all, cycling is perhaps a comfortable and pleasurable way of touring in the country. If you are looking for a personalized and high-quality experience, we wholeheartedly advise Live Love Ride Portugal bike tours.

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